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Couples Trucking Together Stay Together- Pros and Cons

There are many great things about driving a truck for a living, like the liberty of the open road or chance to visit the country. However, this work does have its drawbacks like loneliness, boredom, and fatigue.  It also can take a toll on a wedding , as spouses may go weeks or maybe months without having the ability to spend time together. A method to assist with these problems is to make couples trucking team. This solution isn’t for each couple, however. So let’s check out the pros and cons.

couples trucking


  1. This is obvious. The chance to make more miles, therefore make a lot more money. A husband and wife can drive twice the maximum amount as one person atsame day, as one rests while the other one driv
  2. Loneliness disappears once you have someone beside you. And it exposes opportunities for more fun activities along the route, like picnicking together in scenic spots.  Members of the family back home will enjoy seeing pictures of the 2 of you enjoying yourselves while on the road.
  3. It can prevent a number of problems that associate withother team-driving situations, like  like coping with sleeping quarters and personality conflicts. If you avoid many of the physical and mental stresses that single drivers go through,  husband and wife team driving are often a healthy choice. Truckers are often suffering from problems like depression, apnea , diabetes, and obesity, because  of being on the road.


  1. You would possibly even have less time together. This might be a little srange, but when one of you is sleeping and the other is driving, you are actually not spending a lot of time together. Unless you arrange your schedules carefully.
  2. Trucking couples are often great when both drivers love their work. But in many cases one of the partners lives for being on the road and the other doesn’t like to be sitted many hours day after day. Also driving an 18- wheeler is very difficult. This means there is a chance that only one of you have skills on driving it, meaning conflicts can arise. Imagine your partner criticizing the way you drive, park or pass other vehicles. This can be irritating for all of us.
  3. While most spouses truly love one another , some find it difficult to be together all of the time. Being separated by work actually helps some husbands and wives to understand one another more. The time apart gives them time to pursue their own hobbies and interests, and have an opportunity to miss one another. But being together 24/7 may drive you crazy. you would possibly discover your partner has habits you can’t stand, gets grumpy on the work , or has personality characteristics you never noticed before.

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