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Peterbilt’s most famous model-Peterbilt 389

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Peterbilt 389 is known as “The Icon of the Highway”. In fact there’s a reason for that. This famous model can handle very long hours on the road. It has a spacious interior making it comfortable and functional. The Peterbilt 389 model has a few entertainment features and access to truck’s data thanks to the Peterbilt SmartNav system. This technology utilizes Bluetooth and makes sure drivers get these features without taking their eyes off the road. The interiors of this truck provide a lot of storage. Besides all the shelves, cabinets and overhead space, it has LED lights and powerful HVAC. This model has all the luxurious features of home.


The Peterbilt 389 are often equipped for the SmartNav system, which incorporates a 7-inch touch screen for drivers allowing them access to real-time vehicle data, GPS, and a totally integrated sound system with satellite radio, MP3 players, iPod/iPhone, or another device that connects via USB port. Bluetooth allows the driver to use these features hand free. Truck’s monitoring system includes real time informations like temperature, air pressure, fuel rate etc. It’s four camera ports, allowing drivers to put in and access video from up to four cameras. The cameras are capable of activating automatically when the driving force initiates the signal or reverse gears.

Engine Specs

The Peterbilt 389 model has a strong engine for max power and weight benefits, leading to optimal fuel efficiency. The Peterbilt 389 are often equipped with the subsequent engine options:
Cummins ISX15
The PACCAR MX-13 engine offers up to 510 horsepower and 1,850 pound-feet of torque. The Peterbilt 389 are often equipped for compressed gas (CNG) systems with the Cummins ISX15 engine. The Cummins ISX15 stands as industry leader in fuel economy.

Sleeper Options

This model has three UltraCab Low Roof sleeper options. Each cab features a dark charcoal dash with Coachman grain designed eliminate glare and resist scratching and fading. While both the UltraCab and Low Roof configurations provide cosy environment, the UltraCab sleepers have more height providing a more spacious look and feel. The largest sleeper option is the 78” sleeper. On the other hand, the most lightweight but comfortable sleeper is the 44” sleeper. The 44”, 58”, 72”, and 78” sleepers all have a good deal of storage including a refrigerator, shelves for a microwave, kitchen appliance , pantry drawers and cabinets, desk space, and a liftable bunk for extra storage.

Fuel Efficiency

peterbilt 389

We know reducing fuel rate and improving efficiency is top of mind for any long-haul driver. In order to save fuel but also a smoother ride, this model uses lightweight components. These components include aluminum cab and hood and front and rear suspensions. The Peterbilt 389 is provided with an optional Aero Package. This allows you to lower vehicle drag by up to 24% through roof fairing and trim tabs, a sleeper roof transition, a composite shade , 18″ sleeper extenders with a 3” rubber, and aero mirrors.

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