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3 Golden relationship rules for truckers

relationship rules

Trucking gets blamed for many relationship problems of drivers and their spouse. Most relationship problems that truckers face started before trucking came into their life . They’re problems that come from character flaws and incompatibility issues between two people. This in fact means when a spouse is gone over the road faraway from home for weeks at a time those issues will only worsen. There are 3 golden relationship rules truckers should consider before going into trucking industry to save their relationship:

golden relationship rules

1.There must be trust during a relationship.

Trust is vital for any relationship; for a relationship where one partner may be a trucker the necessity is multiplied by 10. We all know a lot of people have a bad opinion about truckers. They think that everywhere a truck stops, there are prostitutes waiting to be picked up and that all  drivers have women everywhere around the country. Unless you’re ready to take your spouse with you over the road she is going to probably never verify this is wrong. There will be times when you will deliver, pick up a load or even park  in a dead cell zone. This will make you unreachable and will increase your chances of trust issues. This can be dreading for both of them.

relationship rules

2. Neither spouse should be self centered during a healthy relationship.

Self centered people make terrible relationship partners for any couple trucking or not. When someone is considerate for the opposite persons feelings, they’re proactive to  improve the bond happiness and love between one another. The opposite happens when one of the partners or both only consider their own happiness and comfort. This often destroys a relationship. Needless to mention when the two people are separated by 1,000’s of miles that erosion is going to be at an accelerated pace.

relationship rules

3. Both partners should be responsibible in a relationship.

If someone isn’t able to solve problems at home, this could be a problem. A truck driver isn’t always able to come home at will to handle business. Emergencies won’t change that fact.  I talked to several drivers who have spoken of how the spouse misspent bill money   Having an undependable spouse may be a disaster waiting to happen.

relationship rules

Not only the partner at home. A driver who is irresponsible could easily squander the paycheck away over the road. Truck stops have marketing skills which will easily tempt truckers eagerness to reward himself or herself for the hard job they are doing  from electronics to entertainment. A trucker and his or her partner should be responsible and work together to improve the relationship.

relationship rules

All of those golden relationship rules are important to think about for you and your spouse before choosing a career in trucking otherwise you may be just another miserable soul claiming that trucking ruined your relationships. One among my most frequent sayings is trucking isn’t for everybody . Regardless of how bad an individual wants to become a trucker, it isn’t for everybody and it isn’t a choice to be taken lightly. is a website that its dedicated to trucking. Here you can find all kinds of facts about a truckers lifestyle, informations about different kind of trucks and so many more. All accompanied by a photo gallery. Also you can follow us in our Instagram Page: We thank you all for your support.

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