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Important Things When Buying A New Truck

new truck

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a new  truck.  Maybe you need more space or to haul heavy equipment. Or maybe your current truck can’t keep up with your towing needs. In every case you should  take this decision very seriously. There are a lot of things to be considered when buying a truck. Having a lot of great options out there, it might be a little difficult , but the best thing to do is to think how you plan to use the new truck. Before buying a new  truck you should consider:

#1:  Gas mileage

new truck

If you’re an  American,  you know gas prices are high right now. Trucks use more gas than other vehicles.  Fuel cost might be an issue  for a lot  of people, including truck owners. So if you wanna save  some money ,  check out the mpg of your new truck.  And if you want to  haul heavy equipment, it  will further reduce your fuel consumption rate – so that’s even more reason to consider mpg ratings.. For instance, in the year of  2012 the U.S. Department of Energy reports that , the GMC Sierra 15 Hybrid and the Chevrolet Silverado 15 Hybrid hold the first spot for having the highest  fuel economy at 21 mpg. The worst one in fuel economy is  The Ford F150 Pickup and Raptor Pickup at 13 mpg. For a better fuel economy choice you should consider a hybrid or pay attention to mpg when going truck shopping.

#2: Cab size

new truck

Each truck comes with a particular cab size, and depending on how you intend to use your truck can make an enormous difference for you. So a crew cab has four doors and back seating. Extended cab trucks have less room at the backseat but back seating remains available. Some extended cab trucks have rear doors that open in the opposite side of the front. Standard trucks have just two doors and typically three front seats, with no back seats. If you would like room to drive employees or coworkers to the work site, a crew cab might work for you. But if you only need space for moving larger items like tools, a regular truck is perhaps a much better choice for you.

#3: Space

new truck

Something many of us might overlook when planning to buy a truck are different considerations that go along with a bigger vehicle. Trucks are available all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to get one that most closely fits your lifestyle.. If you’re a contractor who does renovations within the city, a truck with tons of bulk might be difficult to maneuver around tiny city streets..  This is often true for a hunter – an enormous truck would make driving on cramped dirt roads complicated. If you are a farmer and you would like a vehicle to haul animal feed and produce around your farm, a bigger truck would be great. So if you’re buying a truck, consider where you’ll drive your new truck, and whether having a very big model would make driving difficult.

#4: Shop around

new truck

Once you decide on a couple of vehicles that appear right for you, do a little research about them before seeing the dealer.  Check out what various dealers around town are asking and make sure to bring that information to the dealer once you’re ready..  A crucial a part of buying a truck is negotiating with the dealer, and having competitor’s prices may be a good way to do this

#5: Take a test drive

new truck

This might sound obvious some people, but it is important enough to say . The test drive is once you get to actually see what owning the car would be like it is important to feel free to examine everything about a truck you think of buying as you will have this truck for several years. So it’s important you are satisfied with everything it has. is a website that its dedicated to trucking. Here you can find all kinds of facts about a truckers lifestyle, informations about different kind of trucks and so many more. All accompanied by a photo gallery. Also you can follow us in our Instagram Page: We thank you all for your support.

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