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Truckers Smoking Habits And How To Quit

It’s not uncommon for truckers smoking while driving. In fact, many studies have shown that almost 50 percent of all truckers smoke. First and most important step for truckers to living a healthy life is helping them quit smoking . Below are some reasons to quit smoking and a few ways to start the method for you or your beloved one.

Unfortunately, smoking, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise complicates health issues for drivers. Many employers have noticed the consequences smoking has on their drivers. It causes more deaths that drinking alcohol, car accidents, suicide, and illegal drugs combined. It also costs quite $75 billion annually in health-related costs.

To help their employees quit smoking, many companies are offering them an opportunity as a part of their benefits package. Counseling sessions, nicotine patches and other options are offered to help drivers quit smoking. The value of  these smoking programs costs the employer around $900 per person. Smokers, on the average , spend around $16,000 in a year in health benefits.

Many truck drivers say that quitting smoking is difficult because nicotine may be a stimulant. They claim smoking helps them concentrate in what is going on around them. Despite what truck drivers believe, it’s still healthier for them to quit.

One of the foremost successful ways to quit smoking is using nicotine replacement. They are available in patches that you simply can get over-the-counter at pharmacies. You’ll also get a prescription patch, and now there is a nicotine replacement pill. These systems are designed to assist a smoker decrease the dependence from the nicotine. They’re expensive, however.


If you do not mind going the non-traditional route to quit smoking, you’ll want to give hypnosis a try. It’s been used for years but in fact you can’t measure this method’s success. What’s been reallya success it’s the electroshock method. Once you start smoking, you’ll put a 9-volt battery to your tongue. It’s alleged to make smoking something you would like to avoid, and treatment centers claim it’s a high success rate.

Finally, you’ll either call a hotline for those trying to quit smoking or find a support group to assist you. These options allow you to speak about why you would like to prevent smoking, what triggers you to smoke, and what you’ll do to prevent . Call the National Cancer Institute at (877) 448-7848 or (800) QUIT-NOW.

Smoking is one among many factors for people developing hypertension also as being a serious cause for cancer . If you or a beloved may be a trucker, helping truckers quit smoking may be a worthy goal. Use the ideas above to assist you or your beloved one quit.

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