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Unspoken Rules For Truckers On the Road

rules of truckers

Truckers are part of what happens to be a secret society  that consists of many cortesies and unspoken rules for truckers on the road. Trucking companies are aware of this, they simply don’t want  new truckers to know about them.  Those new truck drivers get to find out the hard way.  But if they’re lucky, veteran truckers will give them a probationary pass to the key society. Membership has its privileges!

rules of truckers

Unspoken Rule #1

Acknowledging other truckers during this association . Common courtesy on the roads may be a little thing, but pays off big if you ever need some assistance. CB radios may be a help to recognize other truckers and even a friendly wave does the trick.

rules of truckers

Unspoken Rule #2

Passing the pavement. Sometimes on busy roads, truckers might not be ready to keep track on all of the traffic around them. Fellow truckers traveling in other lanes will often flash their lights or make contact by CB radio to inform another truck once they have safely passed another vehicle and it’s fine to change lanes.

rules of truckers

Unspoken Rule #3

Know the code. If you would like to speak with other members of this association , you’ve got to possess a CB radio. That is used to communicate responsabilities and codes during on the road. In this secret association things like letting other truckers know where all the police speed traps are or if there are any accidents to possibly avoid, are among other duties.

rules of truckers

Unspoken Rule #4

Headlight Headaches. Anther unspoken common courtesy that truckers will reach other trucks needs to do with headlights. Stopping for any length of your time whether at a weigh station or a fuel stop, truckers will often shut down the headlights and turn on their blinking hazard lights. Those headlights are very bright and may easily blind another driver at an inappropriate moment and may be a possible hazard.

rules of truckers

There are many other small courtesies that truck drivers reach for each other. As newbies establish themselves with their trucking companies, the experienced truckers will eventually take pity on them and allow them to know the ins and outs of their “Secret society.” is a website that its dedicated to trucking. Here you can find all kinds of facts about a truckers lifestyle, informations about different kind of trucks and so many more. All accompanied by a photo gallery. Also you can follow us in our Intagram Page: We thank you all for your support.

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