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Female Truck Driver- Road Safety And More

women truck drivers

The truck driving industry remains a male dominated field, but the amount of female truck driver is on the rise . This is often due to the necessity of companies to diversify their hiring practices and also because there’s a shortage of truck drivers.


female truck driver

The most important thing to become a female truck driver is to have good driving abilities. Being an honest , safe driver are crucial for being a successful trucker


Your job is also to keep your load  and self safe . Females especially have  to take care of their safety when driving alone. Here are some guidelines that you simply should practice. These safety guidelines are for both men and ladies , and also for drivers generally .

female truck driver

1- Never drive without your ID with you.
2- Never wear luxurious looking jewelry because you’ll be a target of a robber

3- Don’t carry a handbag , use a wallet that may be placed in your pocket
4- Take care where you sleep, no ATM’s should be nearby. It’s best to be considered a safe area.
5- Do not bring too much money with you.
6- Keep your destination and the load you’ve got to yourself. This might be all  the information someone  needs to harm you.
7- Don’t  forget to always lock the doors. It has happened to people that have stayed in a truck stop and next thing they know someone has tried to open  the doors..
8- If you’re taking a pet with you, only take them in well lighted areas.

Alone or Together

There is also the solitude of the open road. You want to be ready to keep awake and alert all the while be alone. This is often an excellent career for woman who long for solitude. On the opposite hand, there are more couples or partners that have become truck drivers all the time. This could be a much better fit if you do not like solitude.


female truck driver

The female truck driver also faces a couple of health concerns. Being a female trucker, you’re often on the road eating not so healthy foods from fast foods and truck stops.  This may cause high cholesterol, heart condition and diabetes. There is a downside for people who are used to stay fit and exercise. Being on the road all the time you can not exercise almost at all. This makes all muscles, including the guts , very weak. So, instead of grabbing sugary stuff, bring with you fruits and other healthy products low in sugar and sodium. This will lower the chances of getting diabetes or high blood pressure. If you can do some exercise when you stop, that would been healthy too.

Additional Help

female truck driver

There are also many  websites available for trucker women who are private drivers and want to get loads for their business.. So take a look for any further assistance you may need.

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